127 thousand people spend their time on Lidé.cz every week

Reach young people interested in new things

Example of Lidé.cz

Why advertise on Lidé.cz

  • Reach tens of thousands of young people every day

    Lidé.cz is a place where young people meet. It’s mainly used by young people who want to have fun and who like to try new things.

  • Advanced targeting

    You can target your ad to a selected region or behaviourally by interests, gender or age. Targeted advertising is much more efficient than non-targeted.

  • To build your brand and increase sales

    Advertising on Lidé.cz boosts awareness of your brand and can sell.

  • Nearly half of readers on mobile

    47 % of people read Lidé.cz from their phone, which corresponds more than 59 thousand real users a week.