Types of ads on Sreality


Example of an ad view with a map and a picture of the property.

The real estate offer includes:

  • a description of the property;
  • parameters, such as location, price, usable area etc. for easy searches;
  • up to 30 photos;
  • position on a map;
  • your contact details;
  • and a reply form for those who are interested.

Any newly inserted ad is displayed on the top position and gradually moves down as more are added.


Price for individuals for 1 ad per day per day
Price for clients with 1 to 5 ads
for ads per day
Price for clients with more than 5 ads
in region 1*
  for sale ads and lease ads
in region 2**
  for sale ads and lease ads

*regions of Prague, Central Bohemian, South Moravian, Moravian-Silesian

**regions of South Bohemian, Plzeň, Karlovy Vary, Ústí nad Labem, Liberec, Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Vysočina, Olomouc, Zlín and foreign countries


At any time, you can “top boost” your ad. By paying CZK 25, you can return it back to position number one.

You can do this in the administration interface.


Price for individuals for 1 top boost up to 3 times a day
Price for clients with activation for 1 top boost up to 3 times a day

Tip regionu

Example of a TIP ad.

Your ads will be displayed as the first in all relevant lists, marked as “TIP”.

Purchased for a specific date through the administration interface.



Kč per day
Kč per day

Tip makléř

The name, photograph and contact details of your agents will be displayed, under the ads that match the filters of your choice, for an entire week.

Example of an agent giving a tip for a property.

Purchased for a specific week through the administration interface.

The minimum amount of required information:

  • location (at the level of sub-regions/Prague districts);
  • type of offer (sale, lease, auction);
  • and category (apartments, houses, land, commercial).


Location Category

Kč per week
Kč per week

TIP logo

Supports your brand with a high-visibility logo alongside your ads in real estate lists. The logo also serves as a link to your company profile on

Example of TIP logo

You can activate TIP logo from the administration interface; it will be displayed for the entire time alongside every ad in the list.


0,25 Kč day

Licence pro používání realitního softwaru SRS