An exclusive email address on your own domain thanks to Email Profi

We can help you set up an exclusive mailbox on your own domain using the familiar Seznam Email environment.

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Why use Email Profi

  • You look trustworthy

    Email addresses using your own domain look exclusive and more respectable when you communicate with clients. No one else can use the same domain as you.

  • It supports your brand

    Emails sent from your own domain promote your website and your brand. And people will remember you better.

  • The familiar (and secure) environment of Seznam Email

    Whether you’re using your computer, tablet or phone, you always know where to click. You can also use our app for iOS and Android. And there is our anti-spam system protecting you against junk mail.

  • Unlimited possibilities

    You can set up as many mailboxes as you want. There’s no need to worry about the number of emails or the size of attachments. We have enough space for everything.

  • Support in Czech

    Our specially-trained support team is happy to help with anything you need.