Uniform advertising rules in the partnership network

For advertising in the ad space of, its partner network and in the Sklik advertising system and other services of, it is necessary to follow all the rules presented on this site. Hereinafter, just the Advertising Rules.

In the event of a violation of the Advertising Rules, reserves the right to restrict (reject the design or block ads or the buyer via RTB) or reject the display of ads. In the event of repeated violations of the Advertising Rules, reserves the right to block the advertiser's account for further advertising.

General rules

Health claims (medications and food)

Donating human tissue and cells

Narcotic and psychotropic substances

Betting and lotteries

Tobacco products

Alcoholic beverages

Erotic ads

Illegal software and content


Misleading messages and content - prohibited practices

Restrictions on services and formats

Content of the landing page

Interest-Based Advertising

Political advertising

Double-branding – rules for advertising materials

Financial products and services

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