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Your business will be visible on the most frequented Czech websites: on the homepage and search results, on and on

Seznam naplno now offers 5 tariffs. You can find details about the individual tariffs under the tab Typy reklamy.

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Why you need a Seznam naplno company profile

  • You will reach almost half the Czech online population

    Around 4 million people visit the Seznam pages where your ad appears every day.

  • You will be visible to whoever is looking for you

    You will catch people’s eyes at the moment they are actively searching for what you offer. They’ll never be happier to see you.

  • You have full control

    The higher your daily investment into keywords, the higher you will appear in search results the next day.

  • Thanks to statistics, you’re in the know

    Clear statistics show you how many people have visited your profile and which keywords pop up most often.

  • Two-fifths of users on mobile

    42% of people search Firmy [Companies] from a mobile device ‒ more than 480,000 real users per week ‒ and 24% of people search Mapy [Maps] on a mobile device.

On you can only add companies actively pursuing business activities within the territory of the Czech Republic.

Seznam naplno tariffs

What you get: Free Startuj
(from CZK 10/day)
(from CZK 20/day)
(from CZK 40/day)
(from CZK 80/day)
Basic company profile yes yes yes yes yes
Visitor statistics yes yes yes yes yes
Exclusive email on own domain with Email Profi yes yes yes yes yes
Priority positioning and highlighting on search,, no yes yes yes yes
Action button displayed in profile no yes yes yes yes
Profile without links to similar companies no yes yes yes yes
Smart campaign setup no yes yes yes yes
Full company profile on and ne yes yes yes yes
Number of categories in which the profile can be classified 2 4 6 12 unlimited
Offers and events no 1 3 6 9
Targeting a different location no 1 3 7 50
Social networks displayed in profile no 1 3 6 6
Classifieds from,, Zboží.cz no no 3 6 6
Display on the homepage of no no yes yes yes
Priority sending of bulk sales emails no no yes yes yes
Multiple URLs in company profile no no no yes yes
Company video presentations no no no yes yes
Profile can be designated as a "Verified Company" no no no yes yes
Detailed campaign setup no no no yes yes
Professional optimization – Seznam naplno specialist no no no yes yes
Company profile branding no no no no yes
Consultation on meeting long-term goals ‒ Seznam naplno consultant no no no no yes
Own company icon on no no no no yes
Top rating no no no no yes