More than 1.8 million people view 5 million leaflets every month on

Then they decide what and where they buy. 63% of visitors are women.

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Why advertise on

  • The largest Czech portal with leaflets and catalogues

    As many as a million people plan their shopping, search and compare prices of consumer goods on every week.

  • You can effectively reach people local to your stores

    Customers see events and leaflets of nearby stores. The map then takes them to the nearest brick-and-mortar store.

  • Your offers will be shown to those looking to buy

    Your leaflets, catalogues and promotions will be seen by those who find them relevant, which means they will not be annoyed by the ad but welcome it as it addresses their need.

  • You will be on the shopping list

    Customers add items to their shopping list by clicking directly on the leaflet. They then print out the list, send it by e-mail or view it in the mobile application in the store (the app also stores loyalty cards). You can also click through directly from the leaflet to an online store, where you can complete the purchase.

  • Your customers’ loyalty will improve

    People set up e-mail notifications to let them know when your leaflets and product promotions come online. Regular promotions mean more loyal customers. And easy-to-read statistics will tell you who your customers are and which products or promotions they appreciate.

  • Wide range of targeting possibilities

    In addition to the standard geographic and behavioural targeting options (by gender, age, or interests), you can also target your ads to specific store offers or product categories. Targeted advertising is several times more effective than non-targeted advertising.

  • Half of users are mobile

    As many as 50% of people, which means 500,000 real users a week, browse leaflets using a mobile device.

  • Quality content in our magazine also publishes a large magazine with new content added daily, including shopping and cooking tips.

  • Native advertising means better results

    In addition to banners, the magazine can also be used for effective native advertising, PR articles or editorial content cooperation in articles. The thematic focus significantly improves targeting effectiveness.

  • Kind to the planet

    Last, but certainly not least, you are kind to our planet, and you save paper. With, old or unused leaflets do not end up in trash. You only look at those you are interested in.

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Benefits of paid leaflet listing on

What you get:
Online leaflet 24/7 ano
Availability for all customers ano
Click-through into the product detail and price comparison ano
Click-through to your online store or website ano
Promo leaflet on the main page and in search ano
Detailed traffic statistics ano
Promo of your leaflet in the profile on ano
Promotion of individual products between leaflets ano
Distribution of leaflets and product promotions in our newsletter ano
Collecting audience from an open leaflet for RTG in Sklik ano
Regular updates of store locations and their opening hours ano
Other services, products or bonuses promoted above the leaflet ano
Possibility to add items or products to the shopping list ano