Počasí.cz is visited by 742 thousand people every week

Your ad can be targeted by region and by weather conditions

Example of Počasí

Why advertise on Počasí.cz

  • The most visited weather website on the Czech internet

    The detailed weather forecast for individual Czech towns, mountain regions and major European cities attracts 742 thousand people every week. They view 4.2 million pages.

  • Targeting by region

    If you’re a local business, you can target your ads to the specific region where you operate.

  • Targeting by weather

    If you’re selling fans, ice cream or water ski rides, you can advertise only to people who are feeling hot. If you’re selling umbrellas, rubber boots or run a tanning salon, show your ads only where it’s raining.

  • To build your brand and increase sales

    Advertising on Počasí.cz boosts awareness of your brand and can sell.

  • Your ads have great visibility

    Due to the site’s uncluttered and simple design, ads really stand out. And because there aren’t very many, you won’t be competing with other commercial messages.

  • Two fifths of readers on mobile

    40% of people view the weather forecast on Počasí.cz from their phone, which corresponds to 300 thousand real users a week.