Client attracts more then 4 million people a week.

Your distinctive ad can sell them goods and reinforce your brand. Super has a 52% female, 48% male readership.

Example of an ad on’s homepage

Why advertise on

  • 4 million visitors a week

    The online social magazine publishes more than 43 articles about celebrities every day, read by almost a million people. Every week, more than 4 million real users access it.

  • Advanced targeting

    You can place your ad in a particular article related to your product or service. You can target specific regions. Or you can use behavioural targeting by age, gender, interests or shopping behaviours. This provides a major boost to the efficiency of your ads.

  • Banners and video ads

    Besides banners, you can also show advertising videos. Audiovisual ads generate more emotions and are more memorable.

  • To build your brand and increase sales

    You can pick from many ad formats of various sizes and locations. Some are better at enhancing brand awareness; others sell.

  • Your ads are always in view uses the ad format known as a “sticky”. The ad is pinned to the right side of the page and follows the readers as they scroll down.

  • Nearly half of readers are on mobile

    More than 40 % of people access from mobile devices, corresponding to more than 2 million real users a week. If you want to target only those users, you can choose to show your ads on mobile devices alone.