Combine your campaigns with quality TV content

Seznam TV reaches up to 2.9 million viewers in the D15 + target group every month. This full-format television station broadcasts its own productions, Czech and foreign films and up-to-date the news on the big issues of today. By combining TV and online, your campaigns will benefit from the unique blended content to reach a much larger audience.

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Why advertise on Seznam TV?

  • Be associated with high-quality content

    Seznam TV is full-format, family-oriented television with a schedule including Blanka Kubíková's own production programmes Moje místa (My Places) about personalities in the Czech Republic, Jindřich Šídlo's satirical Štastné pondělí (Happy Monday), and Josef Klíma's mystery show Záhady (Mysteries). The station has a great output of Czech and foreign content - popular Czech classic films, foreign films and series, fairy tales for kids and fascinating documentaries. Every day in the early evening, Television Seznam broadcasts independent and up-to-date television news from home and abroad.

  • Nationwide coverage

    Seznam TV broadcasts in multiplex 3 and its signal covers 95.7% of the Czech population. Availability is further extended through Skylink and UPC, who offer nationwide coverage to their clients as distributors. There are also several dozen IPTV providers who can broadcast TV signals over the internet. The leading providers on the market include O2 TV, Digi TV, T-Mobile TV and Kuki TV.

  • Various ad formats

    It’s up to you which type of ads you choose whether it be traditional video spots of various lengths, show sponsorship, programme sponsorship or product placement.

  • Video advertising is working

    Audiovisual advertising is the best way to increase awareness of your brand. With its ability to better present a product, tell a story, and thus arouse emotions in the viewer, video advertising is one of the fastest growing advertising formats. It offers direct contact, provokes emotions, is easy to remember and can express what is otherwise difficult to describe. Once you shoot a video ad, nothing is easier than adding it to Seznam TV.

  • Targeting

    Thanks to the focus and content of individual programmes on Seznam TV, it is possible to place advertisements for affinity-appropriate entertainment such as fairy tales, series, documentaries, family animated films, cooking programs, hobby programmes, etc. Within the ad unit, it is possible to choose the position of the spot.