Almost 921 thousand people read our TV program every week.

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Why advertise on TV Program

  • The most visited TV program site in the Czech Republic

    The comprehensive program of Czech and foreign channels is weekly viewed by nearly 921 thousand people who enjoy films, TV shows and passive entertainment. They can view the details of every show and set up e-mail alerts for their favourite shows.

  • Banners and video ads

    Besides banners, you can also show advertising videos. Audiovisual ads generate more emotions and are more memorable.

  • To build your brand and increase sales

    You can pick from several ad formats of various sizes and locations. Some are better at enhancing brand awareness; others sell.

  • Regional targeting

    If you’re a local business that only wants to reach customers in a specific region, you can advertise only in this region.

  • Nearly one half of mobile users

    48% of people read about TV programs from their phone, which corresponds to 446 thousand real users a week. If you only want to target only those users, you can choose to show your ads on mobile devices only.