With RTB, you can show the right banner to the right person.

You can define exactly how much to pay and to whom.

Why use RTB

  • Advanced Targeting

    With RTB, you can target specific groups of users precisely. Whether by their interests, region or language, and mainly by using dynamic retargeting; for example, when a visitor to your e-shop viewed a product, you can remind them of the item, or show them a similar offering.

  • More Clicks and Conversions

    With accurate targeting, RTB typically has a higher clickthrough rate and conversion rate. This allows you to reach potential customers effectively.

  • You Have Full Control

    You alone are in the driving seat of your campaign. You can always turn on, pause or change your ad, and this directly by a few clicks.

  • Create User Groups

    Within your DSP, you create segments of users you can then address as needed.

  • Adapt Your Ad to the Customer's Situation

    You can show the most appropriate banner to a visitor, depending on which stage of the buying process they are currently in. They didn’t click on your first banner? Show them another with a new offer.

  • Align Yourself with Your TV Campaign

    During advertising spots, viewers often check their mobile phones. You can show them your ad there at the same time.

What Is RTB?

Real-time bidding (RTB) is an automated way of buying banner advertising with the ability to target specific audiences..

Purchasing is through a real-time auction. You pay for serving an ad to a carefully selected user.

Key Advantage

Advertising messages purchased through RTB mostly have, thanks to their accurate targeting of selected groups of people, both a higher clickthrough rate and a higher conversion rate. This enables you to reach your potential customers effectively.

How Does It Work?

While in a regular – i.e. guaranteed – advertising purchase, you buy a number of impressions in a certain position, with RTB you choose exactly WHO you want your ad to be shown to (for example, women in the 18-to-30 age bracket who are interested in perfumes and who visited your online store during the last week) and how much you will offer for this impression. It is not important where the banner is shown.

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Once the person you are targeting finds themselves on a page where the banner can appear, an auction will take place within the blink of an eye. Your bid is compared with the bids of other competitors who want to reach the same person. Once your bid is the highest, your banner will be shown.

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With RTB, you can show relevant ads to exactly the people you choose.

What Do I Need for That

To use RTB, you need to set up a demand-side platform-based (DSP-based) campaign. Such services are provided in the Czech Republic, for instance, by Adform, DoubleClick Bid Manager, AppNexus or DataXu. It is up to you which solution you choose.

In the DSP, you can set what people your ad is to be shown to and when and similar options yourself or with the help of an agency. You can edit, stop and relaunch the campaign again at any time.

At the other end – in an environment called a supply-side platform (SSP) – in the meantime provides information on what kind of people are visiting their site. The solution uses for this purpose is PubMatic.

As already stated above, without delving into technical details, as soon as your demand for a user in DSP meets with our offer in SSP, meaning a person you want to show your ad to visits the site, a flash auction will take place. If your bid is the highest, your particular ad will be displayed.

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Options to Use RTB on

On, you can buy RTB:

  • through an open auction
  • or through an agreed private deal..

Open Auction

The easiest way, which can be used by everyone. Just target the domains where you want to buy space.

You choose the highest cost per thousand impressions you are willing to pay. If you win the display auction, you pay what is termed the second price, which is a price marginally higher than the second-highest bidder. The prices for individual impressions consequently differ.

Private Deal

Private auctions have priority over open auctions. When choosing impressions, you are privileged over advertisers buying in an open auction.

In a private auction, only a limited number of advertisers compete among themselves.

The cost per thousand impressions is firmly set in advance. It does not change over time, as in an open auction.

It also allows you to purchase space such as Skyscraper at and on the main page of, which cannot be bought through an open auction.

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First Look

With First Look, you will reach ALL the visitors of you are interested in.

Example: there are 10 visitors from your target group you want to reach with your ad who are currently browsing the websites.

Without First Look

Advertising space purchased on a guaranteed basis takes priority when about to be shown on a page over RTB. That means if, say, seven people from your target group fall into a guaranteed space, you can reach only the three remaining visitors within RTB.

With First Look

If you use within RTB First Look, you can reach all 10 of these visitors to preferentially – including those seven persons who would otherwise be shown the ads of other advertisers sold on a guaranteed basis.

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