You will be seen by over 5 million people on the most visited page on the Czech internet.

24 hours from now, your ad can be seen by 50% of Czechs who use the internet

Preview of the homepage

Why advertise on the homepage

  • The most visited page on the Czech internet is the most visited website on the Czech internet with over 5 million real users every day. In one day, you can reach up to half of the entire Czech internet population. is also one of the five national search engines that are used more often than Google in their respective countries.

  • Advanced targeting

    You can target your advertising behaviourally, according to interests, age or gender, or specific regions. Targeted advertising is much more efficient than non-targeted.

  • Banners and video ads

    Besides banners, you can also show advertising videos. Audiovisual ads generate more emotions and are more memorable.

  • To build your brand and increase sales

    You can pick from many ad formats of various sizes and locations. Some are better at enhancing brand awareness; others sell.

  • Nearly half of readers are on mobile

    About 60 % of people view’s homepage from mobile. This corresponds to more than 3 million real users a day. If you only want to target only those users, you can choose to show your ads on mobile devices only.