More than 15 thousand people visit every week to have fun

Reach those who like to play. 70 % are women, 30 % are men

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Why advertise on

  • The best known Czech gaming site

    15 thousand people come to every week to play games. They can play online in their browser or download games to their computers, phones or consoles..

  • Reach playful people

    You can target people who have free time and want to have fun.

  • To build your brand and increase sales

    Advertising on boosts awareness of your brand and can sell.

  • Your ads are visible

    Your banner will be displayed directly on the top, immediately after the page loads. This means it’s impossible to miss.

  • One fifth of mobile users

    20 % of people search on mobile, which corresponds to more than 3,5 thousand real users a week.