Mobile Advertising

Mobile devices are becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life. You should not neglect them in your campaigns either.

Why Use Mobile Advertising?

  • The tectonic shift in the behaviour of people who watch ever more content on mobile devices is reinforcing the role of mobile advertising.

  • This makes it an indispensable part of every campaign. Whether on purely mobile positions, or in hybrid space where adverts are displayed on both the computer and mobile.

  • Shares of displayed pages in the content services of in 2017: 46%, ProŽ 42%, 43%, 44%.

  • The role of mobiles in the purchasing behaviour of people has also been repeatedly confirmed in surveys by The results confirm that for 50% of potential customers, the mobile is involved in the decision-making process about making a purchase, and 27% make their purchases entirely using only their mobile. The most common pattern is selecting and comparing items via a mobile and follow-up purchasing using a computer.

    Data: Survey by on "Purchases through Mobile Phones" from October 2017. 1012 respondents aged 15 or more participated in the survey.

Hybrid Space

Obrazek: hybrindni plochy

The increased traffic from mobile devices does not just involve purely mobile positions but also what is termed the hybrid space that is displayed on both computers and mobile phones. Typically, this is the popular Rectangle position with responsive behaviour. A 970 × 310 size is used on a computer and 300 × 250 is displayed on a mobile. The results confirm that the use of a given device's natural formats increases efficiency.

Rich media

Rich media represent an important part of mobile advertising on Mobile devices are an ideal way to interact with people, not least in advertising. With a suitably chosen interactive format, you can achieve a higher level of involvement of your potential customer – whether by using our templates or your own individual solutions.

Programmatic Buying – RTB and Sklik

All the mobile space on supports programmatic buying both through Sklik and within RTB, whether in private auctions or private deals.

For more information about purchasing via RTB, see the manual.

In the event of buying through Sklik, see help for more information..

Mobile Advertising on

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