Sklik will show your ad to those who are looking for you

You will appear in’s search results. You only pay for customers who visit you

Example of an ad in’s search

Why choose Sklik

  • Your ad appears in’s search results

    You only pay for customers who click through to your website. You will choose how much you want to spend.

  • You can be seen by 95% of the Czech internet population.

    Your ad appears in search results and the most popular websites on the Czech internet:,, Prož,, homepage,,, and another 3,000 sites.

  • Be seen by those who are looking for you

    The best way to make an impression is to be seen the moment a customer is actively looking for what you’re offering. They’ll never be happier to see you.

  • You can target specific regions.

    If you’re a local business, you can target your ad to a specific region or town.

  • Thanks to statistics, you can monitor everything

    With Sklik, you always know how many people clicked on your ad, how many registered and how many made a purchase. This way, you can easily evaluate the benefits of advertising.

  • You have full control

    You have full control over your ad spending and the result. If the ads aren’t working as intended, you can change the copy or banners at any time.

How does Sklik work?

Client testimonials

Check out on how Sklik helps our clients.

Pavel Kortus skydiving instructor

Ing. Petr Mareš CEO of KOPEKO s.r.o., manufacturer of mattresses

Ivo Jedlička CEO of Sporthotel Zátoň

MUDr. Richard Havránek Horní Počernice Ophthalmology Clinic

“After I started advertising with Sklik, the traffic to my site increased by 60% and the number of people interested in my services grew rapidly. I found new customers that were interested in tandem jumps and skydiving training in particular. To find even more new customers, I’m planning to expand my Sklik advertising even further before the end of the year.”

Pavel Kortus, skydiving instructor

“We’ve been running a campaign on Sklik since 2008. A optimiser manages it, so we don’t have to worry about anything except ongoing evaluations. In that time, Sklik directed almost 23 thousand people to our website and helped them discover our company. It’s one of the most efficient forms of advertising on the internet.”

Ing. Petr Mareš, CEO of KOPEKO s.r.o., manufacturer of mattresses

“We have selected Sklik as one of our first investments in our internet presence and have been its satisfied clients for many years. It offers efficient tools that let’s us flexibly respond to our current business needs and help our potential guests find us.”

Ivo Jedlička, CEO of Sporthotel Zátoň

“Sklik is an important part of our presence on the internet. Thanks to Sklik, we can directly target potential customers and tailor the advertising to our current offer. Our ads are displayed to our target groups of potential customers, which makes it very efficient and profitable.”

MUDr. Richard Havránek, Horní Počernice Ophthalmology Clinic