Types of ads in Sklik

Sklik is displayed in the search network and content network.

Ads in the search network

Your ads entered in the search network will be displayed alongside search results to those who are actively looking for the information, products or services that you offer, based on keywords.

Text ads

Text ads

Will be seen by people the exact moment they’re looking for what you’re offering.

They are also displayed in the search results of (and Seznam Encyclopaedia), on the mobile versions of the respective sites and in the search results on Obrá

Up to four ads with the highest rating, calculated on the basis of their attractiveness to users and price per click, will be displayed in the TOP position (above search results) and can be displayed in up to three positions below the results.

Product ads

Product ads

Send customers directly to a product that they can buy straight away.

They work similarly to text ads, but the data source is the Zboží.cz database. This means you don’t have to write the ads or enter keywords. All you have to do is link Sklik with your Zboží profile and set up a product campaign.

Ads in the content network

Your ads can be seen in’s search results and, thanks to dynamic retargeting, also on’s homepage. They can also be displayed on the Czech Republic’s most visited websites, on what’s known as the content network. Either as text or as an image.

Combined advertising

Combined advertising

Combined advertising consists of up to four pictures with texts and is used in the Sklik content network. The system always selects and displays elements that are the best match for the advertising unit and ensure maximum performance.

Image ads (Banners)

Picture: image ads

The attention grabbers. They increase sales, as well as brand awareness.

These ads are displayed on selected sites in the content network, e.g.,,, and more.


Picture: branding

Branding is a special type of graphic advertising surrounding content on established content websites. It is generally suitable for campaigns to promote knowledge of your brand or to launch a new product on the market.


Obrazek: branding

Audiovisual advertising is an ideal way to increase brand awareness, as it directly addresses, generates emotions, is easy to remember and can show things that are otherwise difficult to express. Once you shoot a video ad, nothing could be easier than putting it on the internet. Sklik allows you to advertise with a 60-second video spots and video bumpers that cannot exceed 6 seconds. You can use all targeting, including retargeting.

Sklik on the homepage

Sklik on the homepage

If you offer a high enough cost per click in the content network, you can be displayed right on’s homepage, in the box where the Wallpaper service usually is.

Dynamic retargeting

Example of dynamic retargeting

If you also advertise on Zboží.cz, you can use the content network to show your customers products that they have viewed on Zboží but not purchased. The products will be displayed with a picture, store logo and current price. All you have to do is turn on dynamic retargeting.