70% of people use a price comparison tool before making a purchase online

Your competitors are already there. How about you? Zboží views 1 774 645 people per week. Of these 53% are men.

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Why Zboží.cz

  • Your offers are displayed FREE OF CHARGE

    You only pay for customers who click through to your e-shop.

  • Go where people are looking

    Your offers will be displayed to those who are looking for them. This means they are much more likely to make a purchase than in other types of advertising.

  • Boost your sales

    70% of people use a price comparison tool before making a purchase online. Zboží.cz is visited by over 1 milion shoppers every week. Start selling to them.

  • Reach customers near you

    People can also sort e-shops by the location of the pick-up spot. Customers near you are more likely to prefer your store.

  • Thanks to statistics, you can monitor everything

    You always know how many people saw your offer, how many people clicked on it and how many made a purchase. Thanks to comprehensive statistics, your investment is fully under your control.

  • Increase awareness of your e-shop

    People will keep seeing you regularly on Zboží.cz and will remember you.

  • Two fifths of mobile users

    45% of people compare prices on Zboží from their phone, which corresponds to 400 thousand real users a week. If you only want to target only those users, you can choose to show your ads on mobile devices only.

We would be happy to help with your campaign

Zboží.cz has many advantages. To make things easier, our consultants can help you set up and manage the service. Free of charge.

Client testimonials

Michal Hanáček CEO, Pilulka

Filip Černý Marketing Manager,

Petr Matoušek owner of the VeseléZvíř e-shop

“Advertising on Zboží.cz was one of the cornerstones of our business when we were starting. Today, it’s behind a significant proportion of our traffic and sales. Whenever we need help, we can rely on fast service. Thanks to this positive experience and our continuing growth, we are expanding our investment into more ads on”

Michal Hanáček, CEO, Pilulka

“It’s been 11 years since Zboží.cz became an important marketing channel for us. In recent years, we managed to grow our presence on Zboží and, with it, gain even more new customers. I also appreciate how proactive Seznam is. It’s always there to help and provide know-how, optimise campaigns or explain how the individual formats work. If you pay attention to your presentation on Zboží.cz and make a reasonable investment – then, trust me that it will pay off.”

Filip Černý, Marketing Manager,

“We’ve been advertising on Zboží.cz, essentially, from the very beginnings of our business. We set up the system carefully to target customers whom we would probably never reach otherwise. Eventually, we also added Sklik. Thanks to the link to Zboží, we are now displayed in product ads to people who are looking for our products directly in Seznam search, as well. We can’t really imagine being without Zboží.cz now.”

Petr Matoušek, owner of the VeseléZvíř e-shop