Where people will see you

In the list of stores on a product page

Your store will appear on Zboží.cz under specific products alongside other stores that carry this product.

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Eight offers are displayed for every product. The first three can be auctioned and the other five are sorted by price, lowest to highest.

In a separate offers list

Your offer can also be displayed directly in the search results. Separate offers are displayed if there is no product that matches the keyword or if it’s a unique product that is offered by only one store on Zboží.cz.

The offers are sorted by relevance according to the entered search terms and offered cost per click.


Product ads

Image Types of ads 2

You can easily link your Zboží to your Sklik account to reach those who are searching on


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Displayed in the lower part of all pages except the Zboží homepage and brand pages. Not sold for mobiles.

Suitable for:

Strong offers based on an interesting and attractive idea. Performance campaigns.



Mobilní square

image: mobile square


Displayed below search results, in categories and in product details under the store list.

Suitable for:

attracting attention.


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