Three letters that are changing the world of display ads

Online advertising is constantly evolving and its demands for targeting accuracy and quality of impact are growing constantly. RTB can maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns and make sure you only target the right customers.

Why use RTB?

Real Time Bidding or RTB is a system for automated purchasing of advertising on the internet using real-time auctions with the ability to target specific audiences.
Thanks to advanced targeting options, you can show your ads only to relevant users. For example, display your pet food ads only to pet owners and running shoes to sports enthusiasts.

  • You have everything under control

    With RTB, you always have detailed statistics at hand. You can start or pause your advertising campaign at any time and optimise it to make sure it matches your goals.

  • Advanced targeting

    Find new customers more efficiently. Thanks to advanced targeting, you can show your ads only to relevant users.

  • Optimal frequency

    Don’t waste money on people who don’t respond to ads. In RTB, you can easily set up how many times your ad should be displayed to a user.

  • Retargeting

    If your customer added goods to their shopping cart but didn’t buy anything, you can reach them with a special offer until the order is finalised.

  • Campaign across devices

    Thanks to cross-device technology, you can reach specific users across all the devices that they use. And the option to limit the number of ad impressions for one user increases your campaign’s effectiveness.

  • Lookalike

    People who are similar to your customers are most likely to buy from you. The lookalike technology lets us find people like this on the internet.

  • A story sells

    You can use various combinations of creative treatments. For example, you can present your new products in an introductory video. If someone’s interested, you can then show your product to them in more detail. And a simple banner will act as a call to action.

  • First look

    Give your advertising message maximum priority. With the First Look auction, you can skip guaranteed sales and other forms of auction. Your ads will primarily be displayed to those you are focusing on.