How does it work

Cyril has bought a new pet. And because he only wants the best for him, he looks for inspiration on the internet.

Using smart algorithms, Seznam can track the behaviour of anonymous users and link it with our services. If someone searches for keywords such as dog collar or dog food and also reads articles about dogs, it’s a clear signal that they have a dog.

Let’s say a dog food manufacturer wants to reach new customers. To show their ads, they have to bid against other sellers. The company with the highest bid wins. In our case, it’s Dog Bone Ltd.

Everything is happening in real time. And next to the article about fox terriers, he’ll see an ad for healthy dog food from Dog Bone Ltd.

Why pick RTB on Seznam?

Every week, Seznam websites are visited by more than 95% of the Czech internet population. These probably include your current and potential customers.
Join us in developing one of the fastest-growing sectors of online marketing.

  • We have our own data

    Thanks to Seznam search and other services, we have a lot of data that can be used for customised advanced targeting.

  • Where people will see you

    We are proud of the high visibility of our formats. Our sites are not overloaded with ads. We have a special deal in which we guarantee visibility of 80% or more.

  • A safe space for your ads

    We care about the quality of the content of the sites where we display ads. The selection of sites for our external network follows our Code of Ethics.

  • We’re expanding our space

    The number of impressions that we sell at auction keeps growing. With RTB, your ads can be displayed not only on the homepage and our other sites, but also on hundreds of sites of our external partners.

  • New formats

    We keep expanding the options for purchasing new formats. In RTB, we can display branding, video, native ads, dynamic banners or mobile rich media.

  • Superior service

    At Seznam, we can handle your campaigns across all advertising channels. Our RTB team can prepare detailed customised data design for you, suggest suitable formats and offer advice at any point during the campaign.

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