Targeting and data

In targeted advertising, commercial messages are displayed to a specific (targeted) group of customers. This group can be defined using various characteristics such as gender, age and lifestyle or, for example, user behaviour on the client’s website. RTB can measure all this information and use it in meaningful ways.


Smart use of campaign data

Running campaigns generate campaign data that we can use in RTB for further targeting.


In RTB, we can not only measure that someone was displayed an ad (and how many times), but also do something with this information. Thanks to our ability to identify which user saw the ad, we can separate the key message into individual parts and communicate it over a longer period through storytelling.


We’ll learn what your customers look like and then target users with a similar profile.


In RTB, we can create various remarketing strategies. We can show different creative treatments to users who are still learning about the product and to those who have already initiated a transaction.

Seznam data

Targeted RTB advertising uses all the available data sources that Seznam has access to. You can find a summary of all the options in the section on targeting.

Tailored targeting

RTB allows us to create tailored targeting that combines all available sources (searches, activity on thematically related services, behavioural targeting etc.).